About me

Hi, my name is Misha (Michael) Kerch, I am a Graphic Designer.
I have over Fifteen years of experience in the field of Graphic Design.

I started studying Graphic Design when I was in High School and by the final year I started working for a small business that product print works. I continued to work there during my army service so by the end of the service I already had 4 years of experience in Graphic Design.

After the service for the next year and a half I started to work in a new print house that did mainly billboards, business advertisements and local newspaper graphics.
During that time I went to “Concept” College and studied for “Preparation for visual communications”.

"Right after the army I didn't waste any time and  started to working in a print house where learned all I could about large scale printing"

2010 - Some of the memories

Last few months in the army

Last few months in the army



Company car

Company car

The office

The office

Looking busy

Looking busy

Making big posters

Making big posters

The Billboards

The Billboards


"My job is to make your business look professional."

Later on I started to work in a different print house “Kenyon-Hadfus” in Kfar-Saba industrial area. I faced tight deadlines and variant types of work and client, I did all kind of design from Branding and Logo designs to Print and a little bit of web, the work was hard but satisfying.

In that time I Studied in “Sela” College:

"Graphic & Web design & Development" for two years.

"This is the place that thought me the most about Digital Printing and offset Printing"

2011 - 2013 Print house memories

2016-08-11 19.04.58
animal 2
animal 3
animal 1
2013-04-11 18.42.57
2013-03-18 16.48.07
2012-10-04 21.58.35
2013-03-12 08.42.06
2013-04-23 13.36.33
2013-03-21 09.54.29
2013-01-03 11.35.58
2012-12-29 14.27.08
2012-12-23 14.41.50
2012-10-25 15.05.54
2012-09-12 13.26.48
print house kenyon hadfus
2012-12-03 16.58.41
2012-09-12 13.24.05
"While working in the print house, I developed a hobby of designing funny POSTERS to entertain the waiting customers"

some of my favorite posters

מילון מונחים איציק
מילון מונחים איציק

מילון מונחים איציק - עברית

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עבודה עם טפשים
עבודה עם טפשים
press to zoom
שאלות נפוצות
שאלות נפוצות
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press to zoom
press to zoom

רוצים לדעת כיצד אנו עובדים?

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תיק תק
תיק תק
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After I Graduated from “Sela” College I went to “ACC Tirza Granot” College to study “Art Direction” for two year. There I learned professionally about: Branding, Marketing, Commercials, Creative Thinking & Visual Design Languages.

"ACC gave me all the tools I needed to become more creative and opened my eyes to the world of advertisement that I didn't know about"

"acc - tirza granot" memories from my point of view

drawing (5)
drawing (4)
drawing (3)
drawing (2)
drawing (1)
2013-04-07 18.49.46
2013-03-30 11.35.53
2013-03-17 19.20.22
2013-02-26 17.44.44
2012-12-30 19.43.34
2013-02-19 17.40.52
2013-01-06 19.37.41
2012-12-30 19.54.51

From 2013 (after first year in “TIrza Granot”) I started working in Way2cu company as a junior web designer but quite quickly I moved on to become the company's Creative Director and lead for the design.

During my time as creative director I Redesigned and company logo, designed the CALLBOX logo and many more stuff for the company.

In my work I come across many fields from Company/Business Branding or Re branding to Commercial landing page designs for marketing campaigns, web designs and E-Commerce online shops designs.

I am very passionate about my design and I give my full attention and effort to every client. I love clean and minimalist designs, I know the Hot Trends of designs and how to apply them but I also am not afraid to come up with my own original ideas and go wild with the design when I can.


For every client I prepare a custom design I don't use templates for anything, I fit the design specifically to what the client needs.
I love translating content to informative design and I believe that through color, shape and form I can create a lasting memory for the viewer.

2015-12-20 17.25.46
2015-12-20 17.26.10
2015-12-20 17.23.51
natanya office (6)
natanya office (5)
natanya office (4)
natanya office (2)
natanya office (3)
natanya office (1)
2016-04-19 12.54.48
2015-11-09 14.49.38
2015-06-01 12.23.13-1
2015-11-08 16.54.44
2015-01-21 16.25.15
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2014-10-20 15.00.52
2014-10-30 17.04.56
2014-10-20 14.53.45
2014-10-20 10.47.56
2014-10-20 09.07.56
2014-10-19 11.29.29
2013-08-19 14.28.03
2013-08-08 13.45.30
2013-08-06 16.55.07
2013-06-27 11.21.31
2013-07-18 19.25.14
2013-07-18 16.01.32

 In 2016 I started working in “Tirza Granot” College as an instructor for Graphic Programs and Graphics Design.

Because of that i started my Youtube Channel: Misha Graphics so students can go over the material even after school and refresh their memories. 

Teaching &